There is no toponym Azerbaijan in any mediaeval map, Ruben Galichian

We discussed maps of the Soviet Union, the Azerbaijani concepts distorting history, pseudo-scientific approaches of the "Western Azerbaijan" thesis and other related issues with geographer and cartographer Ruben Galichian. According to Galichian, Azerbaijan invests millions of dollars in the international arena to assert that the territory of Armenia is their historical land and that Armenians are newcomers. To counteract these erroneous theses, Galichian recommends publishing books and articles in various international languages. With the support of the Geghard Scientific and Analytical Foundation, Ruben Galichian's book, "Examination of Historical Maps of the 2014 National Atlas of Azerbaijan and the Invented Term 'Western Azerbaijan'", will soon be published. This book will demonstrate the falsifications made by Azerbaijan.

Watch the full interview in the video.